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In production from 1983 to 2014, the XJ Cherokee is one of the greatest vehicles ever produced. Perfect size, easy to work on, legendary off road capability, classic design.
It's hard to find a proper pour over kettle that's made in Japan. Hario just outsourced their production so I think Fino is one of the few remaining ones.
The leica lumix lenses are all stunning. The build quality on this one is superb- almost entirely metal with a clicky aperture ring. Great focal length, super fast. Great lens.
Practically glued to my camera. Gorgeous leica sharpness & color at a really practical focal point with a wonderfully sized aperture.
I love the M43 camera sector, and the GX9 is the best blend of size, photo and video quality.
The only real, true budgeting app out there. Everything else tells you what you've already spent + shows you a fantasy forecast. YNAB forces you to be realistic about your money. I use it for personal + our company.
Buck stacked ecobee
Couldn't live without it. The way our hvac is setup + our weird house layout means some rooms get way hotter than others. We prioritize the kids rooms during their naps / sleep schedules and it's just been perfect.
Buck stacked Jamm
Makes me feel more connected with my remote team.
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