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Ethan stacked Inkscape
A powerful, free, cross-platform and open-source vector graphics editor. I use it to design logos, icons, and any other graphics that I need. The recent Inkscape 1.0 update brought a lot of awesome new features as well, particularly for Mac users.
A nice and simple application that makes your screen corners rounded, it makes my Mac much more aesthetic in my opinion. The funny thing is that it appears to have been made back when rounded corners on screens were something 'nostalgic', whereas now they're something trendy.
Alexandre MouriecNaman KumarMatt Metrovich
Ethan stacked Nokia 6.2
Feels like a higher-end phone but for a lower-end price! It comes with Android One which is great because it's stock Android and gets regular updates. It comes with a dedicated Google Assistant button on the side that can be re-mapped to anything.
Fauzan Helmi S.mihirColeman Foley
Ethan stacked Flotato
Makes nice wrappers for apps which I can then open from Quicksilver ( It puts badges in the dock based on "(3) ExampleSite" in the page title, which is a really nice feature.
Brendan WeinsteinJake Hung Tran
Ethan stacked Snapdrop
Makes it super easy to transfer files between my Mac and Android phone! Zero-config, no account required, you literally just open the site on your devices and make sure you're on the same WiFi network and that's it.
Ethan stacked Quicksilver
This app alone has made my workflow SO much faster. The interface feels a bit dated, but don't let that fool you. I've set up hotkeys so I can switch to any of my most used applications instantly with a keypress. It also makes it super quick to find and open browser bookmarks.
Ali EnginPassbase
Ethan stacked Pocket
The reading experience is insanely nice, especially the sepia mode. I much prefer it to reading articles on their original sites. It syncs cross platform, which is nice. It also has built in Firefox integration. The tagging feature is really helpful for organising stuff.
Coleman FoleyAli Engin
Ethan stacked NextDNS
It's great as an extra level of blocking on top of uBlock, and it works everywhere on my Mac rather than just within my browser. I also love the Analytics page, it's really cool being able to see what goes on behind the scenes, where my laptop is connecting to, and how often.
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