Ben Church

Ben Church


🛰🏝Building Remote Teams & Amazing Products. Ex-@metalab, Currently at @fissioncodes, previously CTO at Future Pet.

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Ive lead a number of teams across a couple companies. This has been the best product process (with a couple tweaks) to manage changing priority clearly and quickly. I try to bring it with me into every new role.
So great for mindmapping & early stage roadmaps. We use it to communicate where the product is heading both it terms of what were building and what questions we're answering.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
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Despite its UI, it's still the best video product out there
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Just a good community centered around creation. You can get feedback or just shoot the 💩about selling software online.
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Greg has made such a phenomenal app for managing requests personally or across a team
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My most productive web framework. Generators, websockets, ORM's, migrations, seeding, tests all come out of the box with authentication, graphql and a whole host of other things just an import away.
My new replacement for Spectacle, currently the best MacOS windows manager out there
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Slack style emoji's everywhere 😍
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