Ben Williams

Ben Williams


thinking out loud and building software - currently: stealth - on the side: @auxparty - previously: @goaero @masterclass @microsoft

#music, #podcast, #games, #journalism, #community, #reading 
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Breaking the Chrome monopoly
I have been using LastPass for years and given the reputation of the company, I would recommend it. I use the Mac Desktop App and iOS Mobile App for all my password storage.
I've tried about 2 dozen text editors and was a sublime power user before giving VS Code a try. Honestly, the best text editor out there and it gets better with each passing week. Would highly recommend theme:
Coleman Foley
A great game if you enjoy getting into arguments about the comparative value between Sheep and Lumber commodities.
I love listening to music with my SO during the workday. Always gives us something to talk about at the end of the day
RahulAaronBen Williams
I have way too much buy-in to switch email providers. It doesn't make you a super human but it's consistent and cheap.
The best way to network and learn about things/ideas you didn't know existed.
I run my life with Notion. I use it to write essays and journals but think it shines best when planning around ideas and products. Easy to break the idea up as soon as it gets larger than one page.
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