Bill Petro

Bill Petro


Technology sales enablement exec, early adopter, historian

#movies, #learning, #culture, #remote, #mobile, #religion, #drafts 
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Makes fabulous espresso drinks. I use it every morning.
It may not be an iPad, but when it comes to undistracted reading and a battery that lasts for months, Kindle is it.
I was surprised how good it is. No acidic taste.
Edgy, but insightful news feed.
Eric Ruleman
Do you have too many tabs open in your browser? this is for you.
Scott Abromowitz
I won't fly without them.
One of the more IoT devices of the 21st century. It keeps my coffee, tea, or cappuccino at exactly the temperature I want, wherever I take my mug... at least until the battery goes dead.
Jon CallahanMike LapidakisPassbase
The iPhone Pro Max is the ultimate hand-held computer. It's the first device I touch in the morning and the last at night. Fast, powerful, beautiful with solid battery life and lots of screen real estate
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