Bernardo Campos

Bernardo Campos


COO @Parafuzocasa & Chicago Booth MBA. dig productivity software. believe most things are possible. $20/month to ACLU

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Such an obvious thing I should’ve looked for before. Works well and customizable
Faster than any other VPN I’ve used
Incredibly fair pricing, amazing support, great performance. We use this at work, where we were using Freshchat (part of Freshworks) and Zendesk before, and couldn't be happier with the switch. Incredible cost reduction with performance improvement. Couldn't ask for more
Thought it was silly at first but it’s actually grown to be a lot of fun and I find myself coming back to it. Bookmarking is great
Greatest videogame I ever played. Haven’t played since high school and I think about it often.
Good quality, plenty of adjustments, just works. Expensive though
Minimalistic. I like being able to customize the way the date shows up on my topbar
AlexJon Callahan
I use it every now and then to track how much time I'm spending on Freecodecamp :P
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