Berk Ozak

Berk Ozak


Product Manager at @GetLWolf | Formerly: @bitlocom @groopchat @lidyanacom | 🎓@UniBogazici alumnus | 📍Dallas, TX

#product-management, #product-design 
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It searches your drives to list all files by size. Really helpful to figure out what takes your space on your PC - could be movies, phone backups, old and huge games, etc. You never know before you check with this.
I have thousands of old photos, that I have many duplicates of. This product is the only way I found to be reliable to find photos that are duplicate with different names, resolutions, or tilts. It looks old, and does not have a great UX, but gets the job done.
You can adjust every single detail to your preference. This is an investment everybody should make if they can. Pro tip: Get it with the headrest.
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The sound is great. The changeable batteries are a lifesaver. However, I also have Arctis 7, and that is more comfortable to wear for long hours. Pro Wireless is not as comfortable as 7, at least for me.
As an obsessed tracker, it is nice to track my books as well. Wish the UX was more modern, obviously.
Berk Ozak stacked TV Time
I watch many TV series, and I am very glad that TV Time helps me track which series come out when.
Berk Ozak stacked Fitbit
Probably the best way to track calories - which seems to be the only sustainable way of losing weight for me after trying many ways.
Berk Ozak stacked Asana
My personal task manager for more than 5 years, after getting used to it as a professional tool. Creating tasks are so easy, and they appear on the top of the list. I write all thought and tasks on Asana, and mark them as completed when I get to them. Made my life way easier.
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