Ben Werdmuller

Ben Werdmuller


I work at the intersection of tech, media, and democracy on mission-driven technology ventures. Formerly @mattervc @unlockprotocol. He / him.

#writing, #opensource, #literature, #scifi, #maker, #startup, #socialmedia +4
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All my musician friends would rather I buy their albums on Bandcamp than stream them anywhere else. And that's enough for me.
I don't always agree with Ben, but I always read. It really is a must-read if you're in the tech industry.
Thomas Vander WalCalum Webb
Look, I know it's not the coolest IDE. But I've become very dependent on the JetBrains environment for both writing and analyzing code. An important part of my workday for close to a decade.
Calum Webb
I love this as an asynchronous way to build a drumbeat on a team. A great standup alternative that also checks the emotional pulse of your team and runs great meetings.
Public transport > private transport.
Genuinely secure messaging that's really easy to use. My preferred way to IM with anyone, for any reason.
I use this as my creative machine, together with an Apple Pencil 2. I draw (a lot); I write fiction; I use it to read. It was kind of an impulse purchase during a bad few months, but it's become an important part of my non-work technological life.
I found this a difficult read, but was immediately kind of ashamed that I hadn't read it earlier. I think all white people should consider picking it up, and really thinking not just about the substance of its arguments, but the way it feels to read them.
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