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dgkn. stacked Flame
9/10: A music discovery app with a gorgeous algorithm through which you like & dislike full-length songs based on the genres you choose instead of your existing data on Spotify. Its algorithm is calm, collected, and confident: its success rate is unmatched among its peers.
dgkn. stacked Playlistr
8/10: A music discovery app in which you like and dislike 30-second snippets of songs based on an existing playlist from your Spotify. As you like new songs, they're added directly to the same playlist to expand it. The algorithm is reactive to your likes and dislikes.
Leonardo Feria OchoaElen UdovichenkoStefan Natter
dgkn. stacked Songstack
9/10: A Tinder-like music discovery app for iOS & web in which you like and dislike full-length songs. First, you create a "stack" of songs you already like from your Spotify, and it starts a queue based on that. Does it work? Yes, its algorithm is reactive to likes and dislikes.
dgkn. stacked Brots
9/10: A Tinder-like music discovery app. You swipe songs right and left, and there is even a super like to directly save them to your Spotify. Brots' downside is its superpower: an incomprehensible algorithm focused on obscure music slowly burns into addiction & acquired taste.
dgkn. stacked Radiant
9/10: As a music discovery tool, Radiant is something else with its witty AI companion who trolls you with bad jokes, news, and very unnecessary information about the next song. It's an experiment in interactive & personalized digital radio, and you will be savagely entertained.
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