Benoit Chambon

Benoit Chambon


PhD candidate, working on blockchain and crypto stuff. Sounds boring? It doesn't! Proof: I'm trying to make it a reality with Koinju.

#literature, #blockchain, #bitcoin, #eating, #cinema, #mma, #snowboarding +3
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Super Smash Bros. Melee, Harry Potter 2, James Bond Night Fire, Mario Kart Double Dash, The Lord of the Rings 3... I'll never be bored of this❤️
AlexJ. Adams
My thesis best friend (except my MacBook Air)🍻
My loyal companion. Never left me during my PhD🙏
Awesome shoes, confortable, easy to clean and vegan material!
One of the best-in-class decentralized consensus protocol
Smooth and easy way to access to cryptocurrencies market prices and trends. Track the market becomes pleasant. Disclaimer: I'm a Koinju co-founder.
Nazim Morera
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