Shreyas Gupta

Shreyas Gupta


HCI Researcher at IIIT Bangalore. iOS Developer. Tech, Design and sustainability.

#ui, #design, #tech, #product-design, #goodies, #freelance 
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Shreyas Gupta stacked Wipr
No bullshit, pro privacy ad blocker. Simple and effective.
Jesse Russell
Excellent bluetooth speakers with terrific base for its size.
√Čtienne ParentRishG
Shreyas Gupta stacked Anne Pro 2
My very first mechanical keyboard! Has it's own drawbacks and cons but one of the most affordable and customisable options out there! Not to mention it works really well with my MacBook Pro.
Shreyas Gupta stacked Apollo
Hands down the best Reddit client for iOS out there!
Bought it back in 2014, still works like charm. The sound stage and bass is smooth. Once you use M50s, there is literally no going back.
Shreyas Gupta stacked Toast
Managing my browsing sessions has never been this easy.
Shreyas Gupta stacked Apple Music
Gotta love Live Lyrics and the new Now Playing interface in iOS 14
Shreyas Gupta stacked Sketch
The interface is easy to use and you can churn out designs faster than ever.
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