Avi Aryan

Avi Aryan


Full-stack web engineer at @toptal, Remote since 2016, Working on @goremotein

#freelance, #productivity, #marketing, #weightlifting 
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Like JIRA but modern.
Avi Aryan stacked Notion
Great for planning projects. Unfortunately, Evernote doesn't work here.
Avi Aryan stacked Strong
Neat workout tracker. Has all the features you will need and not more. No ads in the free version.
Using it for many years, effective way to keep tracks of the loans you have given
I use it to track twitter lists, filter notifications, filter my home feed and more.
Kieron Kevan
Avi Aryan stacked Kindle
Quality hardware, long battery life, value for money
Avi Aryan stacked Edison
Great mobile app, has a Mac app as well but I use Canary on Mac
All platforms. Reliable as rock.
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