Amir Shevat

Amir Shevat


Founder/CPO @reshuffleHQ. Prev, VP product @ Twitch, DevRel @ Slack, built Google's GDE & Launchpad. Author📚 @OReillyMedia

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Best Italian coffee in the Bay area
My favorites place to take my wife for date night.
One of the few services I pay for, the most expensive family plan - totally worth it! I love the predictive playlists.
I use Notion for task management, customer feedback, and lightweight CRM
So addictive, I think I could have written another book with the time spent in this game.
One of my favorite bags, super high quality materials. Super fun bag for every day.
A great resource to find new software and launch exciting new things I build from time to time.
Uri Levanon
I am a top contributor Local guide level 8. I have reviewed more that 650 restaurants and my photos were viewed more than 20M times.
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