Arpit Gupta

Arpit Gupta


Product Manager roles in healthcare, ad-tech, e-commerce, and banking. Strengths: mobile apps, AR, growth, strategy, leadership, B2B, and retail.

#investing, #product-management, #fintech, #startup, #cooking 
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Take cooking classes from professional chefs from around the world who teach gourmet dishes from their home kitchens. I have taken three of their classes and walked away with a great appreciation of global cuisine, how to cook new dishes, and having a great time.
This is an incredible binge-worthy TV show. Shot in post world war II era in Stockholm. Over three seasons it highlights amazing stories (fiction) of a restaurant family navigating changing political landscape. Available via Sundance on Amazon Prime Video (30 days trial).
No longer need to remember or type password, or reuse the same password over and over.
Allows you to Invest early in startups without needing accredited status. They make it easy to find, review and invest in those opportunities.
Keep track of what you are reading. Instead of trying to always read, save links, and come back to them during a dedicated time.
Finally a great note taking that goes beyond note taking and helps you connect dots from everything ranging from daily todos, inspiration, notes, research, etc.
Great way to meet new people who are eager to help in any way possible. I have made 30+ connections through this service. Highly recommend.
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Eliminates food waste by saving ugly looking food produce, mislabelled packages, etc., packaging them in a neat box, and delivering them right at your doorsteps. For months they have been our go to grocery provider.
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