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Working to build something cool.

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It's FAST. Aesthetics wise, I really wanted the Stagg EKG. I actually tried using the Stagg but found that the OXO Brew boils several minutes faster and the design was more practical (less prone to burning yourself compared to the Stagg).
Bobby ShirleyStanley HatariaPedro Wunderlich
I use my Hydro Flask all day, every day. Reliable and easy to carry around. Plus, they offer some really nice colors - I fell in love with a bright, ombre one that I love looking at.
JacqkrishnTed Avery
I can never remember all my passwords!
Let's anyone build internal tools fast, without knowing code or SQL.
Ryan Hoover
I use Google Sheets like a scratch pad - quick organizational planning, budgeting, and modeling.
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What would we all do without Slack? We use Slack to collaborate and get work done.
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