Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Founder @ Ness Labs + MSc Neuroscience Candidate @ King's College. I stack mindful productivity / creativity / mental well-being tools and content.

#wellness, #mentalhealth, #code, #tech, #health 
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The best way to clean up your inbox.
Dan EdwardsJoe DaviniJosé Cage
The best tool for note-taking, thinking, and meta-cognition. Love the bi-directional links and the automated knowledge graph.
isedwinrColeman FoleyMarc Nevin
I have tried many newer, fancier apps, but MFP just does the job and has the largest nutritional database on the market. I have been using it for 8 years now.
Alexandre MouriecStefan NatterLeandro
If you're not ready to invest into a proper home system, this is great value for money and makes for a great gift.
PhilAli EnginBrad
I had so many issues with my phones, I'm grateful for Google Photos to make sure my photos are safe and easily searchable. It's one of the easiest ways to create a collaborative photo album with friends and family.
Stefan Natter
I use Revolut both for my personal and business accounts. Easy to use, support is reactive, and it's nice not to pay fees when traveling.
Terry ElliottAmrith Shanbhag
The best place to make new friends.
Alexandre MouriecDmitrii Pashutskii
Much faster than Atom and Sublime, it's a pleasure to work in VS Code.
Alexandre MouriecNathaniel Blackburn
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