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I never knew I needed YourStack but here we are :)
Micah CarrollJake Hung Tran
anidexlu stacked Figma
I don't know how a remote and fully distributed design team could work without Figma.
anidexlu stacked Zapier
Automate everything! It was really really useful for automating some of the aspects of UX Research, getting the information that we needed where we needed it.
anidexlu stacked Loom
Very useful tool for remote work. It enables async communication without giving up voice, video and screensharing
anidexlu stacked Notion
The first time I tried Notion I couldn't believe it. It can do anything! Sometimes it feels like the UI is reading my mind, like any other great product.
anidexlu stacked Lokalise
Multi platform optimization? ✅ Figma plugin? ✅ Branching? ✅ OTA updates to your content? ✅ Translation workflows? ✅ Transparent? ✅ Superb support? ✅
anidexlu stacked Drops
I felt my brain expanding when using Drops to learn Japanese. It's a pleasure to use, it has most of the content you'd want, tracks for different goals, and.. You actually learn!
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