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I love this series. So raw and real, no fluff about real live and struggles people have. I think anyone can find a character to identify with. Mine is Princess Caroline :D
Daniel PichelAndy MacJ. Adams
I use Hey for a month now, and it removed the constant email anxiety from me. My imbox is always empty and everything is in it's place. Also the Focus section is just awesome. Highly recommend.
Gaurav Bora
So far the best podcast app I've used. Discovery process is very refreshing. Thinking to move my hosting there, anyone has experience with it?
Heidi Helen PilypasEric RulemanJesse Russell
I have created this platform to help people discover online communities, and also help community builders manage and monetize their platforms. Communities are the future of communication and having a launchpad for them is the problem I want to solve with my product!
Ryan HooverKylee Grace SchmuckMichael I. Brooks
Stacking yourstack, hehe
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
I use this for everything! Although they have a bit complicated editor UI, once you get used to it it's the best thing you can have! Great community with clonable designs, for me it's heaven because I'm as far from design as I can be! Highly, highly recommend.
RahulAleksandra SmelianskaEmily
I'm new to recording podcasts and Transistor is lifting that anxiety of where to host it. Apart from that it's a great platform with all integrations that you need to promote and grow your audience. Also the UX is just the best!
DhruvKylee Grace SchmuckJulie
Introduction to the world of design thinking and how empathy can help you build better products.
MuneebtatarJoelNaman Kumar
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