Andy Mac

Andy Mac

Into helping create and build products that give people superpowers. Creator & developer tools, growth stuff, connecting over common interests

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Andy Mac stacked Substack
Joined the rush and made a home for a public facing home for various musings on industry. Come join me!
Andy Mac stacked Figma
I'm a sucker for anything that gives me granular control in a web browser. Multiplayer hype is cool too
Andy Mac stacked Knime
Open source business analysis tool with some intriguing implications for structured data ML processing in a drag and drop interface!
Andy Mac stacked Alteryx
Great tool to build interesting solutions as a business analyst/line of business user with a great excel/SQL UI and strong data crunching abilities.
I actually don't :-) This is my "Anti-stack" and I would love to learn what I'm doing wrong because this tool seems very weaksauce to me.
Great community for getting deeper insights to other folks' tools for how they solve problems. Could actually be asymmetrically competitive to LinkedIn, creating a more useful "maker-first" social network. Just needs an "anti-stack" and "feature enhancements" features ;)
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Andy Mac stacked Node-RED
Amazing Open Source tool to create visual based workflows with low-code logic that automate anything from ETL scripts all the way to backend operations for your applications.
Great synopsis of Julius Caesar's life and the twilight years of the Roman Republic
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