Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason


I'm a software developer, podcaster, writer, and surfer. I'm currently building Ruby on Rails web applications at The N2 Company.

#ruby, #ruby-on-rails, #docker, #javascript, #web-app, #web-design, #content +32
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Allows me to easily make icons from images or svg.
Awesome communication tips and opens your eyes to better ways to interact with others.
Linked note taking with lots of great plugins to enhance your workflow. I especially like that all data is local and I can manipulate the output as needed which let’s me easily migrate portions to my website when I’m ready to share it.
Andrew Mason stacked Dash
All my documentation at my fingertips. I pair this with a VS Code extension and Alfred to maximize productivity.
Keeps my computer clean and running fast.
I use a lot of native Mac apps and they all want to put an icon in the menubar. Bartender condenses them all down into an expandable container with additional configuration options.
Lots of customization options with the ability to scope by application, which several other remapping tools don’t provide.
Take notes and highlight anything with great export options.
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