Andreas Klinger

Andreas Klinger


💼Head of Remote @angellist ✌️(prev @producthunt & @coinlist) – 💰Investor @

#product-management, #nomad, #remote-work, #engineering 
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Email efficiency is my love language
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Creditcards are now just an API to the old world.
RahulElen UdovichenkoSeb Jachec
Fairly unknown website to track tv shows
I can't do podcast - Quality varies too much I love audiobooks though. Mostly SciFi I am at about 30-70h per month 🙀
Parker HendersonKeegan J. Sardanat
Game changer for personal finances
James Irwin
Time track anything i do.
I use a ton of short cuts The nice thing: if you put them in mac setting's shortcuts they also work the same way on the iPhone
Keep all todos and notes in here
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