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kind of like, but on windows 93? also glad that the playlist is available to follow on spotify :)
excellent resource for those who want to build better habits. side note: I listened to the audio book and swear I heard "habit snacking" instead of "habit stacking" the first time I do both! (perform habit 1 ➡️ perform habit 2 ➡️ snack 🔁)
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Bamboo toilet paper FTW (& for the environment)! I love that they individually wrap each roll in festive "wrapping paper"
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anat stacked Blundstone
love my blundies! extremely versatile shoes. while they're not typical "hiking boots," I brought mine with me on my 3 month-long backpacking trip in south america and they were great :)
anat stacked Spotify
Two main features i love about Spotify: - Discover weekly - Ability to play the radio of a song, artist, or playlist
anat stacked Sriracha
Best hot sauce
anat stacked Figma
Figma has made design so much more approachable for me. Intentionally designed and powerful under the hood.
Esteban Aravena
anat stacked Coursera
Now that I've got more time on my hands I'm finally getting around to taking the architecture and typography courses I signed up for over the years :)
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