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anat stacked Coursera
Now that I've got more time on my hands I'm finally getting around to taking the architecture and typography courses I signed up for over the years :)
vicky flores najasColeman FoleyRyan Hoover
Just got these 2 months into quarantine and WOW do they make a difference.
When I bricked my macbook's keyboard last month, I got the magic keyboard to set right on top of it and haven't looked back!
anat stacked
Such a treasure of the web. Great tunes, videos, and chat. I love introducing folks to Poolside. Always a hit at parties, too 😏💃🕺👯
I've learned about a ton of interesting datasets from this newsletter.
Benny WongEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
anat stacked Audible
Whether I'm riding the subway, walking somewhere, or cooking dinner, I'm likely listening to a book on Audible. Only issue I have is when I want to take notes and I'm on a run...
anat stacked Morning Brew
One of my favorite newsletters - succinct, witty, and easily ingestible. They sneak in some interesting news/links on occasion that I'll share with friends, too :)
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anat stacked Robinhood
Been a fan ever since I was on the waitlist in 2014...The design simplifies the traditionally complex UX of brokerages.
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