Amrith Shanbhag

Amrith Shanbhag


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Out of all the screen time and focus apps that I've used, Opal has been the most efficient as it doesn't aim to make me feel bad about my screen time but gently put me back to focus on what I'm trying to get done.
Alexandre MouriecMatthew Paulvicky flores najas
I use the Little America backpack for my daily use and it's great with a ton of space for everything I need :D
Alexandre MouriecRyzal YusoffJaynish Shah
Cause I sat in the pilot’s seat once.
DavidElen UdovichenkoDominic Fitch-Jones
I missed out on Vine and choose to stay out of TikTok, but I won't sleep on byte; it's too wholesome.
Alexandre Mouriectyler ⍨Yash Shevde
The WH-1000XM3 are the best noise-cancelling headphones I've used 🎧
GaurangKAIDaniel Kang
Monitor tweets and mentions for Product Hunt 👀
Alexandre MouriecDeep Dave
I don’t get LaCroix in India so I make sure I enjoy it to the fullest when I’m in the US 😂
See what my friends are up to and also share content on Product Hunt’s profile 💼
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