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Andy Keil


Card Games at @PracticalGameCo. Product Nerd. Ran Startup Next @Techstars. Organized @ATXbuilt @FUweekend. Let's be friends ūü§ó




Andy Keil stacked Duolingo
Hoping to be conversational in Spanish by the end of the year and Duolingo makes it easy to get my head in Spanish mode wherever I am. I'm also a fan of their podcast, which picks interesting topics and then gives english context to the Spanish-speaking narrator.
Andy Keil stacked Segment
Table stakes for keeping track of what's happening in your applications while empowering non-technical team members.
Andy Keil stacked Coda
I'm often partial to spreadsheets (airtable) but Coda packs a lot of punch for the larger projects in order to keep everything in one place.
Andy Keil stacked Shazam
I still use Shazam to add songs to quarterly Spotify playlists.
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Andy Keil stacked Goodreads
Keeps track of what I'm reading but I don't really use the social features.
Andy Keil stacked AirPods Pro
I own a lot of headphones but the airpods are game changers. Seamlessly with between iPhone and laptop. Adding a second laptop confuses things on occasion but it's still pretty slick.
Andy Keil stacked Foursquare Swarm
I still check into every place I stop while I'm traveling. Easiest way to track down my favorite spots when I come back to a city.
Andy Keil stacked uBlock Origin
Blocks all the dumb ads.
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