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I've been listening to 99pi for many years. This is the show that defined a new movement in podcasting — top-notch production quality, in-depth research, and innovative presentation. If you're a design nerd, this show is a must-listen!
Altaf stacked HODINKEE
An excellent resource for watch enthusiasts — by the best editorial team in the business!
Altaf stacked AngelList
AngelList is continuously evolving. Other than investing and backing syndicates, it is also a great hiring tool. I'm also digging the new homepage newsfeed.
Altaf stacked Bitwarden
Started using this recently, so far so good. It's a great free and open source alternative to 1Password, LassPass.
Altaf stacked Brave
Speed. Privacy. Rewards. Block ads and trackers while earning BAT tokens as you go.
Fav pair of beaters in my rotation. By far the most comfortable sneaker I've owned.
PASCAL TIEMANNRobert OcchialiniBK.
Altaf stacked Intercom
I can't imagine what life would be like without Intercom. We've been using it since day 1 at Travelstop, and can't live without it.
Altaf stacked Travelstop
Disclaimer: I'm a co-founder. I use it to book all my business travel and manage my expenses on-the-go.
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