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Ali Salah


Building Instatus. Writing Sipreads.

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I'm 100% biased, but Instatus gives you a status page that's more modern at a fraction of the price! 🚀
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Ali Salah stacked Slash
Best app for people like me who find it difficult to focus on one task at a time 🤤 It adds a small sticky note at the bottom of your screen to remind you of your current task 🗒 And the note wiggles every 5 minutes so you don't forget 🙌
A website blocker for Mac that's simple and free. Set a period of time, websites to block, and you're good to go 🔥
Finally found a good place for film discovery 🔥 Has all the features + the community is awesome and feels alive 🤩
Peter Thaleikis
Best new tab extension for chrome! Just an empty page to write things in. I use it as a fast way to write random notes and todos and paste things there that I don't wanna lose.
It tracks my app usage and sends me the results every week. It's helpful to know my productivity pulse and the top distracting sites of the week 🤡
Lukas KlinserEmilyRahul
Host it on Vultr and you got the cheapest VPN ever $2.5 (requires a tiny bit of setup) Also, open-source, simple & just works :D
Torben Haack
Best color picker for MacOS, the sound of color picking is just 👌🤤 You need to hear it!
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