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It's a must-have for today's world
Elen Udovichenko
It was a shower thought hack using chatfuel, zapier, trello. All it does: take your city improvement suggestions , throw it into that trello kanban for someone to review
Vibes. Vibes. And memories of that interface
J. AdamsEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)JC
I had to record three videos on my mobile browser - zero friction. Super easy. Gonna try using it for customer feedback
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Podcasts can be too long, and this beast chops it up
Ryan Hoover
Alex Kwon stacked Miro
Tried it out as whiteboarding. Kinda nice
The only diary app I still use. Basically the same thing as Wilson from Cast Away. *It's nothing more than a facebook page I made, but I can chat with the page as if it were a buddy of mine. Share pics, locations, and raw feelings. Of course, he never says anything back.
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Quality conversation with vetted makers/investors
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