Alex Young Kwon

Alex Young Kwon


Something new☕️ - Not deliberate, not random. Some place in between. @life360 @oneminuteapp @samsungmobile @cornell

#friends, #design 
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Menu bar easy to use
Tryin it out
Tried it before and it's getting better I hear
My go to for making simple sites
Hope AngelList can replace Linkedin at some point - Ideal flow would be.. this is where the company is born, raise capital, hire bright minds, and make shit happen. All.In.One
Necessary evil - I don't like it much, nothing about looking at the random generic connection requests puts a smile on my face, but for now, nothing beats the size of network in a professional setting
I'm not the audience, but I appreciate the refreshing angle of social, commerce, rewards in one seamless experience. A lot to learn from for other verticals as well
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