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Alex Kwon


Live, Work, Play 🕋 Today @Lounge_HQ ✨ Yesterday @Kin_HQ @Life360 @Oneminuteapp @SamsungMobile @Cornell 🇺🇸 🇰🇷

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Our team living and breathing in Lounge for all our work, life, and play. Stay tuned ✊
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For intro emails, etc. Lifesaver for the days with infinite copy/paste of multiple blurbs.
Juan Gabriel PerezMichael The Geek 
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They tailor yo pants
Comfy - tryin for the first time
Brendan Weinstein
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Another interesting approach for reviving collectible
Interesting approach for reviving collectible
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Blue Apron done right - no need to prep any ingredients.
Ryan Hoover
Tells you who the heck that person behind the email is. Experienced through Product Hunt, and love it
Ryan Hoover
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