Alexander Sumarli

Alexander Sumarli


Medical student who is very interested in optimizing the human potential through fitness and technology.

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Alexander Sumarli stacked Jot
Pure convenience! By far the most convenient coffee making at home has been.
Alexander Sumarli stacked Winno
News without the opinion and just the facts! Helps form my own opinions over matters rather than being fed opinions from different news sources.
Simple to use, syncs with all of my Apple devices really well.
After trying 3-4 budgeting apps, I find this app really intuitive and easy to use albeit being really customizable. Very highly recommended!
Convenient to use when all of the people in the household is away. Occassionally would have to move all the pet toys away before running it. My dog doesn't mind it, he just moves out of the way for it. i7+ model is what I have, very highly recommended.
Emily Snowdon (NĂ©e Hodgins)
Alexander Sumarli stacked Zero
Good Apple Watch complication, very intuitive. iPhone app is super informative. App allows you to start fast and change the time in case you actually fasted earlier than when you hit start. Calculates time spent fasting vs not fasting.
This vacuum, even compared to my Roomba i7+ and my other Bissell vacuum would suck out every debris and dust on my carpeted apartment even after the other vacuums have done their jobs right before the Dyson.
Mahmoud Swehli
A great place to start sorting out recyclables which aren't possible through regular curbside recycling. Free shipping straight back to the companies that made your products to close the loop in the things you buy.
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