Alex Wingert

Alex Wingert


President at @advisorwebsites - Fan of nature.

#reading, #parenting, #investing, #tech, #dad, #podcast, #marketing 
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Alex Wingert stacked Miro
Best alternative to in person sticky note sessions
so fast and easy
Never a spec of grinds in your coffee. So clean.
These chill summer time beats are perfect for the rain in Vancouver.
Great for recording podcasts on the go. You can easily plug in 2 mics or use the built in microphones.
Easy, fast way to make good coffee. The inversion method is my favourite.
As a runner I want to make sure my headphones stay in my ears. These things aren't going anywhere.
PASCAL TIEMANNMike CoutermarshPassbase
It's good reminder for improving my writing
YourStack Mascot