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Because it's convenient for storing, managing, and using files on the go
Benoit Chambon
justin stacked Zapier
After avoiding it for so long, I finally consider Zapier a part of my "stack." Why? Because it let's me automate tools and my work without much coding, obviously.
justin stacked Shoe Dog
Fantastic startup story with all the ups and downs that keep you engaged even though everyone in the world already knows what eventually happens. Just do it.
justin stacked Audible
It seemed I couldn't make reading books a priority. Started Audible via an Amazon promotion and managed to finish 6 books in 6 months just listening during random free time. Still need to fix the reading thing, but happy to have this as option in the meantime!
justin stacked Strava
I resisted for as long as I could (years) but finally caved to try Strava. It's in fact easier to consistently exercise when you have a good app for tracking (my earlier experience w/ Fitbit had made me skeptical). I only wish I'd started years earlier when my PBs were faster.
justin stacked Wikipedia
I spend more time on Wikipedia than on any other app. It's the best tool in my stack without question, and it's a testament to the organization that it remains free. If you spend any amount of time using this resource, definitely think about making donations from time to time.
justin stacked Kindle
This is for the app, not the device itself. Still haven't taken the plunge to buy an actual Kindle but I appreciate that Amazon makes it available in app form - I love being able to use my existing devices (phone, tablet) to read the digital books I've purchased through Amazon.
justin stacked FullStory
For MVPs, Full Story is great for gaining insight into early users (both one-time and recurring). IMHO, to be able to track user journeys is much more useful in the early stages than tracking traffic analytics.
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