Adonis Bou Chakra

Adonis Bou Chakra


Co-Founder of The Fearless Company // MA Digital Management @HyperIsland // Created




Adonis Bou Chakra stacked Freedom
A perfect companion for a healthy mind.
Adonis Bou Chakra stacked Kronaby
The perfect mix between a Class & Smart Watch
Adonis Bou Chakra stacked Kindle
Consuming books like never done before.
For the love of all passwords.
Adonis Bou Chakra stacked Todoist
Still my go-to Todo App.
Adonis Bou Chakra stacked Figma
Fantastic for any proper UI Design.
A perfect companion to your iPad Pro. If you want to go completely paperless.
Adonis Bou Chakra stacked Miro
A perfect place to brainstorm any unshaped idea. Working also great a second brain.
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