Adam Tait

Adam Tait


Software engineer. Early adopter. I love finding things built to high design and engineering standards.

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I'm still a Roam n00b but it's showing benefits already. I'm more inclined to take notes and more likely to stumble on them through the two-way keyword-linked model.
Ordered after reading rave reviews on YourStack and have been taking for 2 weeks. Huge win for me. I'm hooked. On the days I take it, with or without caffeine, my energy levels are noticeably higher and last longer. I don't feel jittery or overstimulated, but calmer.
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Very sturdy but packs up small for easy transport. 3 adjustable heights. Only two complaints: adjustable height would be lower and that I now feel the need to travel with a keyboard & trackpad!
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Great features for the price (often $200 on Amazon). Super long battery life (30+ hours) good signal distance and very comfortable. Great for calls. The noise canceling isn’t as good as Bose or Sennheiser but I prefer that.
Coleman Foley
When I want to journal or write a beautiful letter, this is the tool to do it in. I’ve had it for years and even though it sits unused a lot, it just works when I pick it up. Easy to refill and comfortable to use.
I’ve had numerous unusual or minimalist wallets and the HyperLite is my favorite. It’s built from DCF (Dyneema Composite Fabric) and nylon so it’s tough and strong but very light. It has just enough pockets for quick access to my important cards and has a full billfold, too.
Comprehensive. I haven’t found another source of trails information as complete as AllTrails. The subscription is worth it even if you only get out a couple times a year.
I've worked on (& built myself) dozens of mechanical keyboards over the years. The Kinesis Advantage is the one I keep coming back to. The cupped shape and vertically-aligned keys are a game changer. After adapting (took a couple weeks), my typing speed increased more than 30%
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