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Adam Bader


👨🏻‍💻Product Manager (ex: @realmadrid, @beinsportsusa & others). Also into: 🚀 ⚽️🏋️‍♂️🧘🏻‍♂️⛩🏝

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Adam Bader stacked Chemex
The Chemex is the my favorite coffee maker. The design is pure and beautiful. I have the 6-cup version which is big enough to make a few cups, but the 3-cup version is ideal for one person. Pair that with Blue Bottle ground Coffee and you are golden!
I bought one of their standing desks years ago. Very sturdy, affordable, and high quality.
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When the iPhone X came out, it was a game changer. Apple's first major redesign since the iPhone 4 with no home button and Face ID instead. A few years later, my iPhone X is still as powerful as the new models and I have no real reason to upgrade.
How can you live without a pair of AirPods? They are simply the best earbuds I've ever used. Small, fit nicely, good sound quality, and they charge fast. Not as good as the AirPods Pro, but better than anything else on the market.
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My main machine is the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2018. While the keyboard is not the best, and I've had to repair it once, it remains one of the best laptops I've owned. It's a great size, powerful enough and I absolutely love Touch ID and Apple Pay on it.
Zero calories. Tastes great and is a great alternative to Diet Coke!
Great fresh coffee, made with love, and Philz way!
Twitter has changed my life. Not only I got my first job because of Twitter, but I've also met a lot of wonderful people who became real life friends. Twitter allows me to follow a lot of interesting people, share my thoughts and experience, and keep up to date with the world.
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