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A little bit of a chef, actor, adventurer, computer guy.

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I've used it for years, and it's great. That said the pricing and the features ... maybe great but support is laughable, and sales equally so. If I wasn't so deeply rooted in the tool, it'd be probably going for an alternative.
It's not as cheesy as the title sounds, read it. Everyone could use a little more love, you owe it your self.
Lots of nuggets in there, no doubt a few people mentioned in this book are on Product Hunt or Stack Share.
Andrew VoirolĀ stackedĀ WP Engine
They are wee bit on the pricier side, but have saved me so much time, and won so many short wins, so far I love them. That said ... the sales process can be aggressive. They are acquiring a lot right now, but with Webflow, Editor X, etc on their tail, it will be interesting.
Just seems to work well, the latest release of which was a bigger one, was rocky though. They almost lost me, but things are going well now. Let's see how they do with Big Sur.
Andrew VoirolĀ stackedĀ Asana
Been using for 10 years, and keeps getting better. I get it, Trello's and Monday's have their fan bases, but this one is for me, but that said other tools are becoming better suited for needs that previously needed hacks around to get there. Such
Arpit Gupta
Andrew VoirolĀ stackedĀ Grammarly
Phat fingers, among other things, plus I actually learn from my mistakes.
Andrew VoirolĀ stackedĀ Command E
Search anything everywhere. Still getting in the habit of it all but it is very helpful!
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