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Abe stacked Postmates
Get $2.25 in BTC on each order with Lolli. Postmates Unlimited is great if you're using it multiple times a week.
Been rocking with this modular backpack for 7 years now. The black waxed canvas ages great. Possibly the only item with "lifetime warranty" that I might keep that long.
A simple peek into a brilliant mind...The tipping point. I've since torn through at least 4 of his other books.
Abe stacked iPhone 11 Pro
Until the next one drops...
Abe stacked GoodTask
My favorite app for GTD as prescribed in The Great CEO Within... My days are multiples more productive when I stick to the lists.
Abe stacked Apple HomePod
I keep it in my bedroom in lieu of a clock. "Hey Siri, what time is it?" and for offloading thoughts to my to-do lists that I might forget in the morning, without getting out of bed, i.e. "Hey Siri, add 'call X about Y' to my personal list"
Calum Webb
A dedicated charging pad for my phone and AirPods before I go to sleep. I keep it downstairs so that I'm never sleeping with or near my phone.
NiviRyan Hoover
Abe stacked Sonos Play 5
My alarm. I always charge my phone downstairs, use the alarm feature in the Sonos app. Disable the snooze option. This forces me to go all the way downstairs to get my phone in order to turn it off. I sleep great, waking up can be a struggle so this helps.
Lanre AkinyemiLeonoah
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