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Kathy Tu


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Kathy Tu stacked Alfred
Great launcher and text expander and a bunch of other things.
Kathy Tu stacked Pock
I honestly wasn't sure what to do with my touchbar but this app has changed ALL of that.
Mike WeissLeonardo SumulongJuan Vaamonde
There are a lot of meditation apps out there, and this one just seems to work for me.
The best dog insurance, in my opinion. No limits on coverage.
Kathy Tu stacked Lemonade
Easy to put a policy together for renter's insurance.
Weather forecast with a personality and fun graphics. What's not to love?
TS_RickRyan Hoover
Kathy Tu stacked NYC Mesh
Finally free of Verizon. Community is supportive and very responsive to issues.
I didn't think I'd enjoy these lights as much as I do. Really enjoyable as the last light I use before going to sleep.
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