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Kathy Tu


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Kathy Tu stacked Alfred
Great launcher and text expander and a bunch of other things.
There are a lot of meditation apps out there, and this one just seems to work for me.
Kathy Tu stacked Lemonade
I use them for both renter’s insurance and pet insurance.
Weather forecast with a personality and fun graphics. What's not to love?
TS_RickRyan Hoover
Kathy Tu stacked NYC Mesh
Finally free of Verizon. Community is supportive and very responsive to issues.
Lots of terminal replacements out there, but I really like the look and functionality of Hyper.
Marco makes beautiful ukuleles in Italy. I have the Allegro Sopranino ukulele, which is very cute and compact. Excellent build quality!
Diogo FerreiraAaron
For whatever reason, my apartment water tastes bad. But my Berkey gives me the best water I've ever had.
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