Kathy Tu

Kathy Tu


Co-host of Nancy Podcast. 🏳️‍🌈 she/her.

#money, #internet, #remote, #product, #domains, #product-management, #podcast 
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Love shopping here for my basics and outerwear. American made clothing.
Kathy Tu stacked VLC
An oldie but a goodie. My go to for playing everything on any platform.
Kathy Tu stacked Protools
I use Protools for audio/podcast work. I wish it could be more forward thinking and keep itself updated to the latest OS's, or run on Linux. But frequently it's just a big mess.
I'm really trying to move completely off Google Calendar, but Proton Calendar isn't quite there yet. Hoping it will be soon so I can have everything in Proton Calendar.
Kathy Tu stacked Cash App
I prefer Cash App over Venmo but unfortunately most people still only have Venmo.
Kathy Tu stacked Whereby
Video conferencing with security. Preferred over Zoom.
The best dog insurance, in my opinion. No limits on coverage.
Kathy Tu stacked Lemonade
Easy to put a policy together for renter's insurance.
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