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Kathy Tu


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Kathy Tu stacked Alfred
Great launcher and text expander and a bunch of other things.
Kathy Tu stacked Pock
I honestly wasn't sure what to do with my touchbar but this app has changed ALL of that.
Philipp TemmelPassbaseMike Weiss
There are a lot of meditation apps out there, and this one just seems to work for me.
Kathy Tu stacked Lemonade
I use them for both renter’s insurance and pet insurance.
Weather forecast with a personality and fun graphics. What's not to love?
TS_RickRyan Hoover
Kathy Tu stacked NYC Mesh
Finally free of Verizon. Community is supportive and very responsive to issues.
Lots of terminal replacements out there, but I really like the look and functionality of Hyper.
Marco makes beautiful ukuleles in Italy. I have the Allegro Sopranino ukulele, which is very cute and compact. Excellent build quality!
Diogo FerreiraAaron
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