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Timing for Mac is a time-tracking app which helps you avoid mindless scrolling by displaying the task you are currently working on and places it front and centre on the menu bar.
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Calum Webb
Georgina Hoy stacked Flux
Set and forget! Automatically adds a yellow filter to your laptop when the sun goes down
Seamlessly links to emails, apps and websites to make sure my spelling and grammar are accurate and precise. Surprisingly useful when answering questions in an online application form. (Just like this post!)
Roam is a very interesting way to collaborate your notes. I use ROAM as a record of recent articles/books/podcasts I have read and I love checking back on my bi-directional links as I add content.
Mayank GuptaMatt Mazzeomario
I love trying out new fitness classes and the best news is ClassPass follows you around the world.
Simple, user friendly interface. This is one of my most used apps. I use it to store daily tasks, long term goals as well as weekly and monthly reviews. The ability to create sub-tasks also makes it a great place to store frequently used info, travel lists and gift ideas.
Sherif junaidYoginth
Best range of songs and I love curating content for my own purposes and to share with friends.
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