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Sound is fantastic, they’re incredibly comfortable, and the noise cancelling is top notch!
Marlon stacked Ulysses
If you're looking for the ultimate writing tool, make sure you definitely take a look at Ulysses. It has so many different ways to organize your files and I think the power of this is derived from the fact that all your writings are really in one pool. A brilliant writing tool!
Marlon stacked Alfred
Alfred is fantastic when it comes to having quick access to anything and strong workflows. It's a great app launcher and handles access to your utility settings. It can work with Apple Scripts, search through your browser's bookmarks and so much more. Totally customizable too.
I've never written a lick of code before I came to Lambda and now I have an app on the App Store and working on launching my second. I'm still blown away at what I know now especially because I thought it was something only geniuses did. Definitely check it out!
Amazing sound, and looks great. I like that there's a touch screen on the top as well that's nice for pausing and resuming play quickly.
In my opinion, Castro is the best podcast app. The queue feature and how it works with inbox is the best in my opinion. It has all the features you could want from a podcast app. Great UI as well. Superb and premium podcast app!
Marlon stacked Spark
It's an amazing email client all around. I get it on every device (including Apple Watch), it's fast, so many features, great customer support, beautiful new UI, syncs across all devices (including settings).
Marlon stacked Spotify
Best music recommendation. I feel like it cares what I am interested in whereas Apple Music cares more about what they want to force on me.
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