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Their connected workflow is great. You can crop, then optimize, then rotate, then resize. All without re-uploading anything.
Instantly find out how a word OR a phrase is pronounced on YouTube. English, Spanish, Chinese and even SIGN LANGUAGE! It's nuts 🤯 Works by searching the subtitles and showing you that exact second from the video.
Eric Ruleman
I use it to learn languages and accents from certain places. Superb easy to jump from station to station! Pros ✅ - The UI is fantastic - Great search engine as well - Available on web and apps Cons❌ - The tiny green dots are hard to see sometimes 🤷‍♂️
News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters! It hasn't changed too much since the early 2000s, perhaps that's part of its appeal. Pros ✅ - Great comment section - Nostalgia Cons❌ - Smells like a basement
Crazy powerful batch name editing for files and folders. Different naming methods like: patterns, variables, dates, data pulled from attributes AND csv files, regex, you name it. This thing does it
Hard-limit the time you spend on life-sucking apps! Pros ✅ - Gives you insights on your phone use/abuse. - Both do-not-disturb and bedtime mode work well together. Cons ❌ - Not the most intuitive interface, but it does the trick.
Coleman Foley
Huge knowledge database, constant webinars, great courses. Would definitely recommend for anyone migrating to PM roles Pros ✅ - The courses are top notch. Cons ❌ - If you sign up to their free events: they'll share your info with ALL their partners, which believe me, are many.
Free to play, easy to grasp, gets deeper the more you play. It's a bit like a book. The more you get into it, the better it gets. Pros ✅ - Mini Crewmates - IAPs done right Cons ❌ - No portrait mode
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