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Best machine translation out there, period Press ctrl+C twice to automatically translate copied text = Handy! Pros ✅ - On-the-fly translation alternatives and editing. - Great to find a better way to say things. Cons ❌ - Only a handful of langs available
An unexpected blend of genres. Went it expecting Yo-Yo ma, stayed for the weirdness
From the folks at Spotify: create your own song, show intro, or anything. I'm not a musician, but I playing around with loops and beats is like meditation for me. The UI on mobile is empowering, the design team got it juuuust right 👌
Jesse Russell
Block sites, lets you focus. Beats the one I was using before (Just Focus) hands down. Work mode: It lets you redirect to any page, so you damn well know mine goes to ClickUp during office hours
Buy stocks and crypto with fiat with no fees.
Makes you go ENHANCE!!! on all your baby pictures It uses neural networks to enhance images. Get all the lost details from old blurry pictures. It's magical
Free super HQ textures, for free, with a Creative Commons license! Whether you're a 3D artist or just need good textures for your product mockups or editorial designs, this site is a great place to start.
The best way to get full page screenshots easily!
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