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Not the most modern-looking app out there, but it's extremely useful. I use it to record bugs, visual interaction examples and just QUICK things you Loom would be overkill for.
It's like a to-do list and a Pomodoro timer had a baby. Straightforward, but super useful. It has truly become an ally in my day to day
What started as a vip club, is now full of marketing gurus padding each other's back. But, in between all the fluff, there are some gems. You really have to chase them down, but once you're inside THE room, it's magic.
It's like Hotjar and Teamviewer had a baby. A baby that lets onboard your SaaS customers
Wilhelm Rahn stacked Miro
For the longest time, Miro felt clunky and it was hard for me to include it into my daily toolbox. The experience has changed radically, and it's now smooth and very use friendly. I'm keeping it front and center in our decision making process.
It took me a while, but I can confidently say Figma is now part of my stack. It being web based it´s a game changers
Instant video calls straight from your website. Talking face to face with your visitors = awesome. There's nothing to install, it just works 👌 Big fat disclaimer: I'm one of the creators 🎉 (ask me anything)
A must-have for every WordPress install. Very simple to enable and debug!
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