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A must-have for every WordPress install. Very simple to enable and debug!
Good ol' reliable OCR thing. Drop your file, get OCR'd goodness back, no more, no less.
Well, I finally did it. Now it's pretty clear how Notion has such passionate users.
I find myself using this website more and more every year. It's just a nicer experience than using desktop tools, even pro ones.
Playing Guacamelee 2 right now. I'm a big fan of couch co-op games, and this is one of the best!
Another landing page generator that makes your marketing and idea validation easier.
Super fun couch co-op, each level is different (beat em up, bullet hell, runner, quick time events). This game is so underrated! Pros ✅ - The cutscenes are awesome - Challenging but forgiving - Lots of game modes - Couch co-op Cons ❌ - Too short!
Their connected workflow is great. You can crop, then optimize, then rotate, then resize. All without re-uploading anything.
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