I am just crazy about SaaS and love discovering new products to increase productivity. I also love labelling and organising things.

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Sidd stacked Capiche
If you love producthunt and yourstack, then there is no doubt you wont love Capiche, amazing SaaS community and useful questions and answers.
A new app from Shopify. They describe it as new shopping assistant, which truly is it tracks all your orders from your inbox, even amazon shipments.
Sidd stacked CleanShot
I think its the best screenshot app out there for Mac. Especially love the feature where you can mark things with number, if you are explaining a process/steps
Sidd stacked Winno
Breaking news on your phone, delivered faster than light. 😉 Honestly will keep you upto date with all breaking news and necessary info.
JejeYi WeiAaron
Sidd stacked XMind
While brainstorming, i cant write everything on a note, i prefer visualizing my ideas on a blank canvas. Once completed make it appealing with different themes, stickers etc.
Sidd stacked Grammarly
Saved my a** so many times whether it is writing cover letters, emails or university thesis.
Simple and get things done. (Just like this comment) :P
Sidd stacked Krisp
The name speaks for itself. Working from home !! dog is barking? Well this is the tool to have a meeting without unwanted noises, with the help of A.I it keeps unwanted voices away so that your CEO can hear your Adele like voice. ;)
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