Vince Van Grootel

Vince Van Grootel


I help build products during the day and geek out on gadgets during the night. Coffee helps me do that, and photography helps me remember where I’ve been.

#mediation, #fintech, #startup, #money, #reading, #eating, #api +8
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Perfect for quickly sharing screenshots and screen recordings. I use it daily when sharing product feedback with my team.
Dan Edwards
Perfect companion to help me move to a digital-only-library. The audiobook support is a very nice addition and allows me to have 1 dedicated device for reading books.
Dan EdwardsAdam TaitKenny Bennett
My go-to camera for photography. Both event and travel. It's a smaller body with a crop sensor but delivers high quality photos.
Very minimal and therefore powerful todo client. I love products that focus on the core of the solution that solves a problem. // Only for the iOS ecosystem though.
Best content in terms of tech and finance out there. Always a joy to listen and read.
Very reliable daily driver for communication to my team and clients. The plugins which you can use really help in centralising short-lived information.
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