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Vince Nguyen


@google, @unlockfm podcast host, tech enthusiast, stoicism practitioner, film buff, basketball fan & jazz lover

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An absolute boost to personal productivity. The iPad is the perfect middle ground between my laptop and smartphone. It's the ideal form factor for notetaking (w/ the Pencil), reading/annotating newsletters/books/PDFs and the occasional writing sessions (without laptop clutters)
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Marcus's wisdom, humility and stoicism have become the cornerstone of my life. A book I can always reread to bring me back to equilibrium.
Vince Nguyen
Hot-swappable mechanical keyboard with decent bluetooth, battery, frame, aesthetic and Mac OS support at <$100 - that's a great deal in my book!
The purest Android experience you could have. For a typical consumer workflow (communications tools, media, camera..) it just works.
Easy to set up, well-designed and just one Sonos One can fill a large living room with incredible sound
The SmartDesk 2 (Home edition) has been a life savour for my back after a few weeks sitting on a dining chair. I also weirdly feel more productive + confident during VC call due to the standing, open body position as well.
Coleman Foley
Easy to use and clean, makes great great coffee, and affordable. What else is there to ask for.. ☕ It has been a life saviour during this remote working period while I don't get access to the espresso machines at work!
Vince Nguyen
The single best newsletter for technologists or anyone who works in the tech industry out there. I consider my subscription to Stratechery for the last 4 years to be one of my greatest investments in anything :)
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