Thines Ganeshamoorthy

UCL Graduate | Civil Servant working in London

#reading, #technology, #gadgets, #apps, #productivity 
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Great way to give my laptop that extra lift and give me a better angle for typing and working while working. Great attached to the underside of my MacBook Air at all times and folds flat when not in use and provides good elevation when in use. Quick and easy to set up.
Simple, lightweight and portable way to carry around a good library collection with me at all times. I fell back in love with the flexibility & variety that having a the paperwhite gives me & reinvigorated my love for reading as I can easily and quickly switch between books.
Really insightful and powerful insights into human behaviour and attitudes. Impact of your own perspective on life issues can change a lot. A couple of things of note, taking responsibility for your own actions and life. Problems are inevitable, but what they mean is flexible.
Easy and simple to use. Cross platform.
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