Lisa Ross

Lisa Ross


Product nerd, ADHDer. Still recovering from table-based layouts. Probably trying to finish something. 🤔 she/her 🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈

#product-management, #nomad, #product-design, #design, #api 
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Easy to take notes and link my thoughts and ideas together. Using it for my second brain.
Life changing - I've consumed without processing for DECADES. This book helped me organize myself so I can be more intentional with my reading.
Noise cancellation and small.
Lisa Ross stacked Airr
I can save snippets from podcasts for later in my second brain.
It keeps me productive and doesn't break when I get it wet.
I can consolidate all my little notes and highlights into a single place, then review and organize them into my second brain for later.
I can completely customize my save to notion experience, creating forms to automate what fields get what values. Great for projects and research.
It works.
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