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Stefan Heinz


Business Coach; Love skiing, travel & technology;

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Stefan Heinz stacked Vivino
Great info on wines for someone who knows nothing about wines.
Stefan Heinz stacked Clocker
simple, yet very clear. Don't have to calculate or "translate" times. And the time slider is magic!
Stefan Heinz stacked 1Password
Lifesaver! Highly recommended! I've been using it for about 10 years now and it has served me very well all these years. Excellent and simple user interface.
Stefan Heinz stacked Elementor
Plain simple: hands-down the best design/template & page builder for WordPress. Reliable, fast, easy and extremely mighty!
Stefan Heinz stacked Trello
There is so much work to do and to coordinate when starting a company. So much unpredicatbility. Trello makes it very easy to deal with all that and still be on top of things.
I come across so much information that I want to capture - Evernote Clipper makes it extremely easy. Especially since Evernote is my main repository of information of any kind anyway.
Stefan Heinz stacked Apple Mail
It's on my Mac and works very easily
easy to read; simple yet very powerful insights that have immediate impact.
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