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Paul Stamatiou


Like a cloud-hosted Pi-hole - you can control how your network blocks ads, trackers, malware, and known phishing domains, as well as manually control whitelists/blacklists, redirects and so on. There's also an iOS app to use as VPN for LTE connections.
Online backups for the truly paranoid. Been using this for years to keep higher priority documents secure.
Great app for focusing on writing. I might start an outline with notes in Notion, but I head to Ulysses to fill it out.
Love the timely push notifications about impending rain in my area.
Love this app by Overdrive for renting ebooks for my Kindle from my library.
I love having plants around the house (have over a dozen by now) but I'm not so great at remembering when certain ones need to get watered, especially when I have some plants that need it to be watered more frequently.
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