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Shripriya Mahesh


Venture capital for the things that make life worth living. Founding Partner, @SperoVentures. Formerly head of global product @eBay. Filmmaker.

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Far and away, the best way to meditate. The device is so intuitively designed. As you meditate it vibrates with different breathing patterns & helps you focus. After every meditation, the app shows you minutes of calm & focus, your HRV and heart rate. Stellar design and results.
Naya MossAaronJacq
Ski like you used to - before you were injured or old :) A fantastic, incredibly light exoskeleton for your knees.
Eric R WestGraeme FultonCalum Webb
Ergonomic chair that works with stand-up desks. Allows you to sit many ways and in the "standard" front-facing position, makes sure your thighs slope down (key to ergonomics). You can keep the desk at standup height and still sit on the chair if you wish.
Ryan Hoover
Love almost everything about the bike. Had it since 2015 and it keeps getting better with software updates. My only wish was that it was slightly bit more accommodating to shorter people, but that's a hardware fix if it every happens (move seat closer, particularly)
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JacqDaniel WaldronJulie
It's incredibly simple and works perfectly. Tell the app what equipment you have access to and it comes up with a workout. Just works.
Karsten ChearisEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
For film lovers, by film lovers. Love keeping track of what I've seen.
Eshaan KaulJake CrumpAbadesi
If you care about encryption.
Bags and accessories made from tree cork. Very light, durable, great design. Trying to avoid leather from an environmental perspective and this is a fantastic alternative.
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Ryan HooverJacq
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