Sabin Rodriguez

Sabin Rodriguez


Previously a startup founder, now road-tripping and storytelling

#startups, #driving, #product, #growth-marketing, #storytelling, #meditation 
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I watch some content every time I open the app. This makes me want to keep going back every time I feel like watching something :) And also the subject and making of the content are a notch above the mainstream media.
Lam Hoang
The simple and easiest way to learn to code. Been learning python infrequently on it. I must say until before I met sololearn I have never had such an addictive learning experience. All credits to the way the product is built. I am a fan and humble student of sololearn :)
I am not exaggerating. In my previous startup I used to use Airtable for running my sales, marketing, HR, finance, and even vendor communications. Owing to the usage and the love for Airtable, we were offered 2000$ credits for a year. Airtable is Excel on steroids. Must use
Clean, easy, fast way to get your community up and running. If you are building a startup and evaluating growth engines, I suggest you to think community first and Tribe community is a quick way forward.
Adding a sense of beauty to any document or communication has never been so effortless. I don't need to take help from my designer friends for my daily chores anymore :)
How does Youtube music play to my mood? I always wonder. Just use it for a few days and then from there on play the first song and leave the rest to YoutubeMusic. Don't forget to show off your DJing skills to your friends. Again just play 1 song and then leave it on autoplay ;)
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