Rohit Alexander

Rohit Alexander

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Designer & Art Director ā€¢ Owner at Pixel Plotters Design Studio ā€¢ USC '13

#design, #freelance, #startup, #product-designĀ 



Medium meets RSS meets newsletters. The whole package.
Your friendly neighbourhood (free!) LastPass alternative.
Rohit AlexanderĀ stackedĀ Rainbow
Love the UI. So different from other crypto wallets.
Rohit AlexanderĀ stackedĀ Dispo
Love it for that handheld polaroid feel.
Lot of interesting people saying interesting things.
Rohit AlexanderĀ stackedĀ Discord
Discord has gone from becoming a gamer-centric chat service to an all-round online community hub for any medium. Kudos to the OG Slack! ;)
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The best, most easy to use VPN service.
The best password manager worth paying for. Or at least until Dropbox releases Dropbox Passwords.
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