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Jeffrey Chiang


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AKA how to find pancakes inside your pancakes...
Ryan Hoover
The best looking and easy to use Reddit app. The best developer. Did I say the best Reddit app?
I use Better Touch Tool to help me transition from Sketch to Figma. I am a heavy keyboard shortcuts user so I was able to keep using my current shortcuts in Figma.
Don't you hate it when there is no way to turn off the menubar icons for some apps? Bartender helps my OCD and keeps my menubar clean. Also, ugly menubar icons? 👋
The best tool for icon hoarders without keeping them in random folders (!!!). Love the ability to define a size/color before dragging them to design tools.
Perfect for personal use. Just set a schedule and never worry about posting too much or too little. Bonus point for supporting a great company.
Very important service especially when you start forgetting where you've been. Works well within foodie friends circle but also great for settling any debates on who goes to a place the most.
Hate it! Hate the design! Hate the company ethics! But what can you do? There are no other options for getting all the information for a restaurant in one place. Was rooting for Foursquare but guess that's not happening 😞.
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